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  1. BASE reports:

    1. The Truth. This exclusive report exposes the myth that - stress makes you perform better - and discusses the long-term bad health effects of stress

    2. The Remedy: Stress comes in many forms, but almost all stress management programs propose one way to handle it.  Whether that way is meditation, yoga, time management, or some other method, it will face a stressful situation that will overwhelm it.  You need a stress management system that is designed to be flexible enough to handle and defeat stress, regardless of the form that stress takes or the context in which it attacks you.

    3. The Overview: This report succinctly and efficiently explains the STRESS JUDO COACHING Black Belt Stress Management training approach to handling and eliminating stress from your life.  The progressive belt training system is explained.  Each module of the system is shown and detailed.  The STRESS JUDO COACHING Black Belt Stress Management training is the framework around which the other parts - including the Co-Coaching and Personal Training - are built and expanded.

  2. STRESS JUDO Mastery Manual: This is the reference manual for the entire system.  Each belt and each module is explained and summarized.  This can be used as a detailed overview of the system.  It can also be used as reference manual after you have completed the training.  Just like lawyers have "hornbooks" (summaries and explanations of specific areas of law) and black belt martial artists have "kata" (detailed patterns of basic body positioning and movement exercises), so STRESS JUDO COACHING Black Belts have the Mastery Manual.

  3. STRESS JUDO Black Belt Stress Management training: A series of 6 belts, with a total of 12 modules, that embodies the progressive training system.  Each belt builds on what was learned and mastered in the previous belt level training.   However, each belt level is also self-contained and independent from the other belts.  The overall progression is from you controlling stress, to you imposing your will on stress, and finally to anticipating and defeating stress before it arises.  The end result is that you will look forward to stressful situations as being opportunities to shine or to grow.

  4. STRESS JUDO Group Co-Coaching: A common element to martial arts training and law school and lawyer training is that students in both areas learn as much from their colleagues ad from the teacher, and that teaching a specific topic will teah you as much or more than the person you are training.  STRESS JUDO COACHING uses this principle in small-group co-coaching classes.  These are classes limited to 5 or 10 participants, led by STRESS JUDO COACHING founder Rick Carter, but allowed free range for the students to take over and teach each other.

  5. STRESS JUDO Personal Training: One-on-one training is the most flexible option, and provides for the most personalized training experience possible.  STRESS JUDO COACHING offers personal training with founder Rick Carter.  Times are arranged around your schedule.

  6. STRESS JUDO: The Newsletter: From time to time, STRESS JUDO COACHING publishes and distributes an ad-free newsletter.  Each newsletter is focused on one topic or one module of the Black Belt Stress Management training, and usually contains articles from guest authors - to give you a full and well-rounded perspective of the topic (not just the STRESS JUDO COACHING one). 

  7. STRESS JUDO Exclusive community-requested reports: From time to time, STRESS JUDO COACHING will research and produce an exclusive members-only report on a topic or question suggested by the community.

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