STRESS JUDO COACHING was founded by Rick Carter in 2008, offering personalized coaching and training in personal transformation, leadership development, and stress management. Rick developed the core curriculum for STRESS JUDO COACHING by combining his experience and learning in martial arts and trial litigation, where calmness and focus are necessary and objective planning can eliminate a lot of stress.  STRESS JUDO COACHING challenges leaders to develop their black belt mindset and litigator's focus and become the leaders that others gravitate to in times of crisis and change.

STRESS JUDO COACHING offers a full range training programs, from the BASE reports (explaining the problem with conventional stress management programs and how STRESS JUDO COACHING is the next evolution in such programs), to the Mastery Manual (the entire system in one reference volume), to Black Belt Stress Management training (6 belts leading through progressive training to ultimate mastery), and to 2 forms of coaching: Group Co-Coaching and Personal Coaching.

The STRESS JUDO COACHING approach is based on the training methods of both martial arts and legal education.  Black belts are trained by progressive training -advancing belt by belt, by perfecting the training at each level before advancing to the next.  Lawyers - litigators, especially - are taught the Socratic method in law school - always questioning the result or the situation, to seek weaknesses and improvements.  Litigators analyze the results of each trial and case, to see what improvements can be made, to better serve the next client. These parallel approaches have been combined in each level of training the STRESS JUDO COACHING offers.

STRESS JUDO COACHING is not for everyone. You who choose to become STRESS JUDO COACHING Black Belts will find that your organizations, companies, or families, will more and more choose you to be their leaders.  This unique and exclusive program will give you the skills and the mindset to take control of your life and of situations that make others crumble in fear.  The combination of a structured progressive training program, combined with group and personal coaching, gives you the fastest and most efficient method of achieving black belt status in your life.

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