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The stress in your life is personal to you. No one else can predict - or feel - how strong or weak your individual stressful situation. No one else can tell you "don't worry about that" or "it's not that bad." To you, it is. 

So your system to handle and destroy stress needs to be personal to you. Every trial attorney knows the general rules, but prepares the individual case for the individual client. Every black belt martial artist knows the punches, kicks, and holds, but sequences them for each individual encounter. 

STRESS JUDO COACHING training is designed for you to master the stress destruction skills, and to develop the discernment and wisdom how to use them.  The 6 belt progressive training allows you to achieve this with your individual training. The Group Co-coaching and the Personal Coaching are individualized applications of the training. 

You apply your skills to your situation and transform your stress into your personal opportunities.

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