I told my daughter once that the secret to success is to focus and to finish.   Most people know this.  But too many people simply don’t have the energy to actually do this.  Pain is simply gassing out or losing focus because you just don’t have the energy to stay on task.  Few people equate "how can I better myself?" with managing your energy.  Focus and finish equals success. Wanting to focus and finish equals mediocrity.

Energy is not the rush you get by throwing lighter fluid on charcoal and lighting it.   That is temporary, it is unfocused, and it burns your steaks.  And then it goes out quickly.  The result is worse than if you had used any lighter fluid at all.  The energy we are looking at it is like the charcoal in the grill.  Steady, consistent, and even.   And gives you delicious steaks.  Being able to tap into this internal energy when you need it can relieve a lot of stress, and can help you overcome a lot of frustrations.

  1. Learn your daily and weekly rhythms.  Some people really are “morning people” in terms of their ability to tap into energy.  Other people find it easier to pull energy out when a deadline looms.  Still others harness their energy evenly and over time instead of in spurts.  Advice for one type will be meaningless and frustrating for you if you are not that type of person.

  2. Find your internal source of energy (your tandien).  Systems that deal with energy flow range from Kundalini yoga to martial arts chi.  Some of these set the source of energy in the groin, in the base of the spine, or in a spot slightly below the solar plexus.  As you work with your internal energy flow, you will find this source.

  3. Breath deep.  Deep breathing is an excellent way to quickly restore or tap into energy.  Even though it sounds simple, deep breathing can be done with several methods.  Your practice will help you find the method you are most comfortable with and is most effective for you.

  4. Turn your “happy place” into your regular place.  Energy can be lost to stress, worry, or frustration.  You lose a tremendous amount of energy each day just by not being in a comfortable place.  Whether it is uncomfortable physically or uncomfortable emotionally, this drains your energy with absolutely no return to you.

  5. Choose your internal energy program.  There are many systems that emphasize internal energy.  Whether that is the chi of martial arts or of acupuncture, Kundalini energy of yoga, or the “110%” your high school coach could pull out of you, there is a system that you will be most comfortable with.   Having no system leaves at the mercy of the coffee-sugar-crash cycle that is so unproductive and unhealthy.

The human body is an amazing energy system.  But is not unlimited and it is efficient only if the fuel is efficient.  You can create artificial energy by sugar, caffeine, drugs, or just lots of bad foods.  But since these are not processed into your internal energy system, you are wasting your time and your health.  Tapping into your body’s natural energy is rejuvenating and healthy.

The solution is to have a comprehensive system that includes learning about and managing your energy as a key component.  There are many systems – yoga, martial arts, acupuncture and acupressure – that are built around energy systems.  But very few self-development programs are, or even mention your internal energy as a component.  "How can I better myself" may mean "how can I better my energy?"  On your journey of self-development, your body is your vehicle.  Imagine a vehicle that can tap into its own energy.  Imagine how much easier your journey will be.  

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