Someone said that time is nature’s way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at the same time.  Unfortunately, some of us are impatient and want everything to happen right now.  But there is pain associated with this attitude. That pain is that you feel all the weight of every possible perspective on your shoulders, all at one time.  Having a coach to give you perspective on the question “how can I better myself?” is one of the best ways to avoid this pain.

The greatest athletes and actors in the world have coaches, to help them overcome the pain of the frustration of not getting past a frustration.  In other words, there are people who are always striving to improve themselves.  But improvement is not always smooth and is not always without impediments.  Hitting one of these is frustrating and discouraging.  For many people, this first taste of frustration is enough for them to give up.

  1. Coach can help you see your current situation.  You cannot view your own performance because you are inside of it. Whether this is kata performance, a trial, or your management skills, your observation is colored by being a participant.  Even your viewing a video or audio recording will not be the same objective observation that a coach can give you.

  2. Turn your goals into SMART goals.  A coach is better situated to press you to define your goals concretely.  A friend may be inclined to keep your goals vague.  You may be tempted to make your goals too easy or too unrealistic.

  3. Hold you accountable.  Your coach will make sure that you stay on track.  Accountability is becoming almost an overused term, but it is an important concept.  The most efficient method ois to be accountable to one person, so that not only your progress is checked, but the quality of your progress is monitored.

  4. Force you to face uncomfortable issues.  Everyone thinks they are better than they are.  Everyone thinks they can do most things well, and that the things they don’t’ do well aren’t that important anyway.  Your coach will hold up all your issues to you, good and bad.

  5. Give you the tools for feedback.  Your coach will give you feedback.  Sometimes it is positive feedback, sometimes negative.  But the most important aspect of the feedback you get from your coach is to internalize it and give yourself the same type of feedback.

If you do not use a coach, you will use fake coaches.  You will ask people for feedback, but it will be incomplete. You will ask someone to hold you accountable, but they may just be giving you rah-rah statements.  A coach has the singular goal of helping you perform your best, of focusing on “how can I better myself?”  These fake coaches may have a desire to not hurt your feelings, or to ride your coat tails as you get promoted, or to simply tell you what they think you want to hear.  Such actions are as harmful to you as replacing your prescription medicine with peppermints.  Tastes good for a while – then bad things happen and usually way too quickly.

The solution is to have a comprehensive system that includes coaching as a key component.  But the solution is more than just coaching.  Coaching itself is a great skill and a great resource.  But your entire system needs to go beyond simply coaching, much like your self development system goes beyond mere affirmations.  Having a system personalized to you and your situation, with coaching as a major component, may give you best opportunity to better yourself.

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